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WCC Committees


The Governance and Interoperability Committee researches and recommends system operational guidelines, rules, and regulations to the Commission for adoption. Memorandums of Understanding are reviewed for access to the WCC. The Committee reviews new system designs for interoperability capabilities and reviews technological innovations that may enhance MSWIN. The Committee and WCC staff provides technical assistance to any local or state agency.

  • Lt. Col. Ray Causey - Chair
  • Mandy Davis
  • Donald Loper
  • Doug Mann


The Personnel Committee serves as a liaison between the WCC staff and the Commission. The Committee ensures proper personnel management and practices are established for the WCC staff.

  • Mandy Davis - Chair
  • Jim Jordan
  • Marshall Horn
  • Holly Savorgnan
  • Baxter Kruger
  • Stephen McCraney
  • Doug Mann


Mississippi Code Section 25-53-171 establishes the Wireless Communication Commission (WCC) to plan and oversee the implementation of a statewide wireless communication system for use by all government entities in the state and, in conjunction with the Department of Information Technology Services, the authority and responsibility to approve all wireless communication purchases within the state and to set forth rules and regulations governing these purchases. 

In accordance with this charge, the Commission established the Procurement Review Committee comprised of at least five (5), but in no case more than seven (7) members, as appointed by the Chairman, to administer the established regulations for the acquisition and use of wireless communications (voice & data) devices including, but not limited to 2-way radios, cellular telephones, pagers, and personal digital assistant devices as presented to the Commission by governing authorities, state agencies, and institutions of higher learning found in Mississippi Code Section 25-53-191.

  • Donald Loper - Chair
  • Steve Gray
  • Audrey McAfee
  • Chris Sanders
  • Holly Savorgnan



  • Audrey McAfee - Chair
  • Steve Gray
  • Donald Loper
  • Paul Mullins
  • Matt Bailey

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