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Commission Members and Advisory Board

MS Department of Transportation
Mr. Willie Huff (CHAIR)

MS Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks
Mr. Michael Bolden (VICE-CHAIR)

MS Department of Public Safety
Ms. Mandy Davis
MS Emergency Management Agency
Mr. Greg Michel

MS Municipal League
Chief Arty Girod​

MS National Guard
Lieutenant Colonel William R. Causey

MS Association of Supervisors
Mr. Steve Gray

MS Department of Information Technology Services
MS.Holly Savorgnan

MS Fire Chief’s Association
Mr. Tom Lariviere

MS Highway Safety Patrol
Mr. Donald Loper

MS Department of Corrections
Ms. Audrey McAfee

MS Office of Homeland Security
Ms. Jenny Williams

MS Sheriff’s Association
Designee:  Sheriff Troy Peterson

MS Department of Environmental Quality
Designee:  Mr. Chris Sanders

MS Department of Public Health
Designee:  Mr. Wayne Vaughn

MS Association of Chiefs of Police 
Designee:  Chief Perry Waggener

Representative C. Scott Bounds, Chair
House of Representatives Public Utilities Committee

Representative Brent Anderson, Vice-Chair
House of Representatives Public Utilities Committee
Senator Joel R. Carter, Jr., Chair
Senate Energy Committee
Senator Gary Jackson, Vice-Chair
Senate Energy Committee
Representative John Read, Chair
House of Representatives Appropriations Committee
Designee:  Representative Jim Beckett
Senator W. Briggs Hopson III, Chair
Senate Appropriations Committee

Representative John Thomas "Trey" Lamar, Chair
House of Representatives Ways & Means Committee

Senator Josh Harkins, Chair
Senate Finance Committee