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Technical Information

WCC Approved P-25 Radios

The P-25 standard, non-proprietary architecture of MSWIN allows the use of multiple manufacturers’ devices. P-25 radios are encryption and GPS capable, upgradeable via software enhancements, re-programmable over the air which reduces the need to physically touch the device and avaialbe from multiple vendors. Currently, seven vendors produce P-25 radios capable of operating on the MSWIN system:

  • EF Johnson
  • Harris
  • Kenwood
  • Motorola
  • Relm
  • Tait
  • Thales

WCC Deployable Assets

The WCC is charged with ensuring that first responders have effective communication services available in emergency situations and ensuring the rapid restoration of such services in the event of disruption caused by natural disaster, terrorist attack or other public emergency. The WCC has deployable assets to assist ensure the continuity of communications during emergencies. These assets include a cache of radio, deployable RF Sites on Wheels (SOW) and one Master Site on Wheels (MSOW) which can be used to provide an operational mobile wide-area system. The MSOW provides backup to any of the three regional master sites should one of these sites by destroyed by a catastrophic event. Each SOW provides for site trunking capability for re-establishment of basic communications in an emergency. The MSOW and SOW are fully transportable for providing back up and/or supplemental portable communications as dictated by each unique event.​